Right after much deliberation i’ve decided to use the black and white over exposed images insted of the bottle images, i just felt that they looked better and i think they work well as a series. So good times aye =D

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11 thoughts on “So.

  1. I completely agree with the group decision to cut down the series to a smaller set, as I think there are some images that are much stronger than the others. The strongest in my opinion is the straight on shot where there is barely an outline of your body. I think this one completely defines the concept behind the series.

  2. Think about the editing, good feed back and editing by the class but the one’s that didn’t make it should not be ignored. a few separate series that work well together displayed near or no-way near each other within the gallery space

  3. all together i think its an interesting body of work i think it could be narrowed down or separated into different sections , i think the idea of some larger prints or looking into a book would be cool

  4. I think you can take this further now, extend the work, think about the editing of it. I think that It would be nice to have several sets of of work light and dark, i like the back bone to the project and ii think that it has a really strong value to the work as people can relate to it. further more i feel that it has opened you out as an individual and a photographer.

  5. Your images work a lot better now that they have been edited down. There are some really strong images amongst them all and I would personally like to see them a lot larger. It sounds really interesting if you could print them in the dark room, I’m not entirely sure of the process but to see them more grainy instead of Photoshopped would be really nice. Well Done 🙂

  6. The photos here show how the body can be shown. I thought that cutting down the images would help, but instead of the pure white, i thought that using some of the images which showed black and white helped to seperate parts, i.e. the black hair and the white body would show the difference between the 2. Maybe consider coontinuing this project, and try different shots?

  7. The over exposure of the pictures really shows something about your personality. It shows that you are not confident in being seen for how you really look. These pictures really personify this and I think some lovely photos have come out of it. The picture of the tattoo is one that really sticks out for me. Straight away I was drawn to it and wondered the reasons for why it was there and didn’t really concentrate on the rest of the picture.
    10 images was perhaps to much to take in but when whittled down to just four I saw some real potential in what was trying to be achieved. It shows your body and face and what it really shows for me is that you only want people to see you how you want them to see you and leave a lot up to the imagination of the viewer.

  8. really interesting body of work and I hope the selection process was eye opening. I think thats a major factor for the series right now. I would day an important issue is the presentation ratio. Portrait/landscape. Obviously fantastic to pick out the best, strongest images, but not so great when you are left with say, 3 landscape an 1 portrait. If you are to shoot again in the future, maybe try only one format.

  9. I think these abstractions of your body work better than the ones of your face and your hands covering yourself (though I do like those, alone they are probably my favourite images). As a series though, the ones of your body work better as I find it hard to tell that it is a body in some of them, and so they illustrate your insecurities of being naked/without makeup because of the over-exposed effect.

  10. I like the over exposing and really think the group critique of ‘cancelling’ some of the images helps. I believe, you could say what you want to with presenting little less that you think you’re going to. My truly favourite is the image of obviously the belly, but allowing the viewer to see only shadows and a but of tattoo. I think that one stands really strong out. I also like the body line, capturing from aside. B&w book, middle format would looks great. Well done, keep up, and explore more!

  11. From looking at the images all lined up in the order you presented i straight away noticed the ones that i didn’t think fitted, they all hd the same theme however some images worked better together making your piece stronger just but removing or rearranging. I like you representation of the body and how you worked the over exposer.

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