So that was #Picbod.

So its come to the end of #picbod and i’m not gunna lie, ill miss it and maybe even follow it next term. In the begining, oh my god did i find this module awkward expecially photographing a stranger, and though the images i do think look really nice and it taught me alot about approaching different people, expecially people i wanted to photograph i still felt a bit uncomfiterble. I really loved all the tasks we got however i don’t think it was untill we got to i think task 4 when we had to start looking into ‘Nude and Naked’ that i started to really get what it was about, When i did the images of my self i realised i wasn’t to bothered about not having many or any clothes on because (this will sound vain) i still had make up on and that was fine because my make up if my face now i almost don’t feel like me when i don’t have any on. So that was i guess the premise for my take on this module, being over exposed in both senses. In the making and editing of the images and in over exposing my self more then what im usually comfiterble with. Preasure. So yeah thats how this whole over exposed buisness came about, JW(Jonathan Worth) did mention using Lith printing for these images, and i regret not looking into it but money issues are a real pain i guess aye but it is seriously something i want to look into and do when i have the time and the mullar.
Okay, so lets talk about the images.. Im really happy with them, i think they turned out really well and i’m very proud. In the begining over exposing them on photoshop was a way to get around photographing my self without make up on and getting away with it, but i do think that my discomfort is unintentuanly showen in the images with the use of my hands holding my neck or hiding my face, I also never look directly in the camera i noticed later when i was editing the images. This work kind of became a portrait of me in some ways, not of my body but of the things that make me and my nakedness i guess is a metephor for having it stripped away and looking deeper? As the weeks went on and we where kind of going off now and looking into what we wanted to do for our finals i was taking more and more photographs of my self in the mornings before uni, just for my self not really part of this to just get used to it maybe abit more, which in a way worked but its not that clear i feel in my images which is fine because i didn’t want this work to look like some before and after transformation type thing.. However when it got to like a week before the deadline i felt that maybe something was missing? i didn’t know if the images made much of an impact, so i started thinking about how i could maybe boost the image and give it more edge and power? I was thinking that maybe placing the images behind bottles of water might add a really cool effect to the pictures pulling and stretching them? Kind of like what jenny Saville does to her body but less painfull. So i basically printed off some copies of the images off and started mucking around seeing what i could come up with a trial and error type thing, and i did get some cool effects going on i must admit but there was a shadow that reeked havok on my images and no matter what i did it wouldn’t leave! So i edited them some more on photoshop see what i could get out of it. The images i did get look really good i think but then looking at them made me realise that the simplicity of the overexposed images made them more interesting and more personal i thought.
Thinking about scale and layout i knew i want the images to be fairly small around 6×4 size because i think in big they would loose their personality and discomfort thus losing the whole point of the images. I want them to be layed out in a straight line with the two portrait images on either end and going down in wdith and hight coming in at the middle creating like a kind of wave, i think it will look quiet nice and maybe add some movement to the static images. All together i am really happy with the work i have done for Picbod i think it made me look at myself differently and has given me more range to work with and ideas and hangups to deal with and what not so im happy. I really enjoyed Picbod and im pretty sad that its come to an end.


4 thoughts on “So that was #Picbod.

  1. Think the final photographs you produced were really eye catching and beautiful, however i though that the amount of photographs you started with was far too many. The shortened down version of the just the four were really good and could evolve into an awesome book of photographs. Keep going mate!!! šŸ™‚

  2. Hey babe. I find these images quite sexually charged which I like but then it occurred to me after you told me that you felt uncomfortable taking them and you over-exposed them because you felt over-exposed yourself. I like this expression. wWhats funny is that in the images you appear fairly confident and as if you own your own sexuality, but really all women are vulnerable bodies and it’s how we hide from this and conceal ourselves with make-up, or in this case light, to present ourselves as solid. As i said it would be good for you to do some dark room grainy prints, they’d be wonderful artifacts and also a book of short 4-photo stories displaying different emotions, feelings, whatever, would be wonderful and very appealing to a wide audience I think; both men and women. Well done!

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