World press winner 2011

So as promised, a post on the world press winner 2011. As i said in a previous post i said i didn’t care much for the image compaired to others i should have won, i mean there isnt much to the picture that captivates me. The image is of a muslim woman cardeling a young man, the embrace could be enterpreted as a romantic one or the woman nursing the young man. She is wearing a pair of white latex gloves the kind doctors wear indicating she’s a nurse or something, and the back drop apears to be a wooden wall. THATS ABOUT IT. The images doesn’t give me any information about whats happened outside this box where they are it seems to be just about the relationship between these two people which of course we don’t know. The image has been linked back to the famous sculpture ‘The Pietà’ by Michelangelo in 1498–1499 housed in the Vatican, a famous catholic sculpture of the Madonna holding Christ’s body after being taken down from the cross. I think this is the only reason that this image won the award because of the contraversy this image would cause because of this reference. I imagine there would be a serious out cry if a Muslim image/ sculpture was depicted to have a resemblence to an image that had christians in it!? It seems to me that thought this image was clearly not staged i belive that the thought process behind it winning was to cause some kind of effect on the public, like causing an outcry. The image looses its asthetic beauty and just becomes looked on with harsh eye’s of people debating weather or not it does look like the Pietà or not and what does that mean. We had a discussion about it in class and it seemed most people felt the same way as i do, even thought the class was split in half and we had to argue for and against it most people seemed to really not like this photograph, some people seemed to fight in vain for it but at the same time agreed it shouldnt have won.
Jon Worth showed us some statements from the judging board of the world press competition and they basically said that it was not chosen to win based on the resemblence to the Pietà, at which point basically everyone in the class at the same time went “yeah right” ( god we are a sinical bunch of photographers). I had a look through a book showing all of the world press winning photographs up untill 2010 and based on the previous winners this image didnt even seem to fit, previous images where so emotional and really punched you in the gut with feeling and this one just didnt do anything for me.. But hey maybe thats just me, maybe im the only one who likes to connect and feel inspiered and informed from the images i look at?

world press winner 2011

Dont let the debate end here how ever if anyone has anything to say please feel free to comment, we only gain knowladge and understanding through what we learn from others.


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