In response to today, wow.

So today was another #picbod day of watchin// listening to lectures with a dicussion in the morning about the world press winner p.s the world press winner im not a massive fan of but ill talk about that in another post. However even though we always have the most interesting photographers in that really are insperational, today was my favourite. And that is because it was all about the photographers who look at the weird and wonderful in the bodies, LOVE IT. I dunno what it is about me but im attracted to the “freaky” images of disfigured and distorted images of the human form because i find that there is a type of magic around them, I feel the bravery and confidance and the complete defiance of the images amazing and inspiering, you may ask the defiance? By that i mean that through the very taking and publishing these photographs goes against the grain that our culture now insists we live by… the typical beauty with no disfirgurments. And here are these images ready to challenge those ideals- i am in awe of the these people, photographers and artists even the models alike i am in complete awe of you.
There are two photographers in particular that i have fallen for after today, one is Joel-Peter Watkin and Jenny saville, both interested in the distortion and disfigured bodies but in different aspects of the spectrum. Watkin shows it off “freaks” of this world, hermaphrodites, the deformed, the limbless, the very fat and the very thin. Paraded as if they were in a 19th century fairground or 17th century tavern. The images are so amazing and true to what i just said they look like they have just come out of an old box kept by the circus from the 18th-19th century. However these images dont appear to be staged in way that might be derogetry to the subjects but insted they look as if they are a celebration.

The other photographer//artist is Jenny Saville, another amazing artist whose work is really captivating, dealing prodominantly with the issues of the body, like what is deemed as beautiful. The work im really interested in that she has done, was based around the idea of cosmetic surgery and morphing the flesh into what we want it to look like. Where most woman want to pull in at their figures cutting off the “excess” and disgarding it, Saville actually spreads it out and pushing and pulling it into shapes. She does this by lying on a sheet of glass and spreading and morphing her skin into these weird shapes that almost look painful. Creating some really interesting images but they almost cause a discomfort for me because they just look sooo painful but so amazing at the same time.


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