In response to today…

So today was a really interesting lecture not only did we have a really interesting talk all about prison photography by Pete Brook’s, we also got a chance to look at everyones work so far in reponse to the task set last week. Good times. I saw some really interetsing work expecially coming from Adele,Hazel and Alex W but also a fine art student who joined the #picbod group today!! It also gave me the opertunity to get abit of feed back from Jonathan but also from my peers in the group and im happy to say it was all positive =D i really like doing the whole over exposed images and i want to look more into it, Jonathan gave me the idea of looking into Lith printing which could be interesting but im pretty rubbish at film at the moment so Jack very kindly offered to help me in the week..

So as i said before i really like doing the over exposed images and i decided to re visit some of the images from the past tasks that i really liked and decided to in photoshop over expose them and see what i get. Some of them i really like and some of them im not all that fond of to be honest, but hey! its practice right and theres nothing better. Plus i got some time.

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