From Rapture To Ruin- band practice shoot #1

From Rapture to Ruin, an alternative metal band from coventry, currently working on writing and recording their first EP.(day 3)

a few weeks ago i was asked to photograph a band practice that a friend of mine is the drummer in, which took place in the Ellen Terry building, i was really pleased when they asked me because i do like photographing band scenes and also i thought it would be a nice bit for my professional practice! On the day i swear i could have killed them all i’ve never met such a bunch of hyper active guys but they where a great laugh and im excited to go back and get some more images of them. I don’t know much about the recording side of music and all the technical stuff behind and now i can say i’m so thankful thats not my course i had to fight urges to press all the buttons and rock out on the drums but it was a very fun shoot- even though i was pretty much deaf after. I only managed to get shots of the Guitarist Rich Hamilton, and the vocals by Jack Deacon Robert Ozzy Ostrowski and again Rich Hamilton. I also took a few of the producer Eddy Spirit.
I do like the images and the composition of the images and i feel they work well, i do however want to go back and get some more if i can soon i think it would be nice to get the whole set and maybe some of Jack on Drums. From what ive heard so far from the band i think we can expect great things from then so guys keep your eyes pealed and ears open =)


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