Task 4.

I HATED this task absolutly hated every single horrid moment of it. I made the mistake of telling my lecturer that no one has seen me with out make up in ruffly 7 years and then he set me this task of stripping my self bare (makeup wise) and place my self in the vulnrable position infront of the camera, yey. And then illness strickes and BAMM im in bed dying in a massive hole, i had planned to take some photographs of my self in the studio to take myself even more out of my comfort zone, ya’know because this wasnt horrid enough for me. But with my illness right now i cant make it out the house so the clean space in my room had to be enough for now- luckily enough for me next week i have more studio time booked out. Whilst i was editing these images i remembered something Jonathan said about over exposing images to get a nice black line in the images, so i decided to do that to my images. HA! be damned if people will see me with out make up! but still im happy with how they turned out.

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