Virtual Gaming//worlds.

So after looking at Milo game for Kinect i saw some other games// virtual worlds that we can now be fully transported into, i saw a video on youtube where this man had basically put a pair of goggles on and stood in a box and the next thing he knew, he was standin in a completly different looking place becuase inside the box he was standing in the walls where made of screens that connected to the goggles and a computer. The goggles where used to make everything look 3D to the man, and as they moved the scenes on the screen the man reacted to it- at one point they had him standing on what looked to be a wall and he was seriously sturggeling to keep his balance and he actually thought he was going to fall it was THAT real!

Amazing 3D immersion technology from IDEO Labs on Vimeo.

I think that looks really cool and id love to give it a go, but i cant help but think on some of the reactions some people would have… i remember watchin tv before and the program i was watching was talking about how this group of lads where ina helicopter and blindfolded this guy and where telling him to jump out! This man was so scared he wet him self just before he was pushed out, turned out that the helicopter was only a few feet above the ground and no damage could be done to the guy who was pushed but the man had actually had a heart attack when we was pushed and had died! Now if something feels so real then what happenes when it goes wrong? what if that guy standing on the wall in this game had “fallen off”? something to think about.


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