Milo Game on Kinect game

So last week in lectures we where looking at virtual reality and how we perseve it today in modern sociaty, Today there are many things online and in the gaming world that is designed to make us feel like we are part of the game for example the new call of duty is so realsistic people actually feel like they were in the war zone and feel like the heros of the game.. The Kinect console from Xbox is one of those places where the player can feel transported into the world in side the kinect console. For example the ‘Milo Game’ is a new game with new technology that basically allows you the player to interact with the character inside the game, have conversations and actually become part of Milo’s world. I think its pretty spooky to be fair and im personally not toooo excited about playing it. But heres a video for you to have a look at.


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