An Adaptation of Plato’s Cave Allegory in Clay.

“Everyone starts out in Plato’s cave. The prisoners in the cave live in ignorance. I believe Plato is trying to tell us that we only believe what we are taught as children. The shadows are our perception of the world as we see it. We can stay down in the “cave” (remain ignorant) or break free (from the chains) and seek education and knowledge by our own will.”-comment of a viewer on youtube of the video.
Now i understand this message that Plato was trying to portray all those years ago when he came up with this theory, that we are all bound by the ties in which we are taught as children and led to belive in certin things and that we can only gain full knowlage of something when we break free and truly open our un-biast eyes and see the world. But doesnt this remind you all of a certin film that came out in the the 90’s? hummm have a think.

So now you’v watched the video and hopefully been thinking about the meaning and maybe what film i was refuring to ( hopefully some of you got it) i was talking about the MATRIX..dun dun duuuuunnnnn. Yeah the Matrix, that incredible film that explores the idea of the world not actually being how we perseve it to be, that each and everyone of us is living in a dream world created by machine, and only a few people are freed.

In the film ‘Morpheus’ gives ‘Neo’ the opertunity to turn back and keep living in the dream world with out any memoury of ever meeting him and the idea of the Matrix would be out of his head forever. Or he could take another pill which would allow him to go through the “rabbit hole” and open his eyes to the real world that we live in.


One thought on “An Adaptation of Plato’s Cave Allegory in Clay.

  1. Wow! What you said right here is exactly what I’m writing my Theory of Knowledge essay about! What a coincidence 🙂

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