Task 3 #picbod

So this weeks task was to photograph “nude and naked” and as you can see ive already done a set of images, i photographed a girl called Jess who is an aquaintance of mine who kindly let me photograph her. The second part of the task was to photograph myself, uncomfiterble much? I do like to photograph myself because i feel like im transported to another self when i do, when i make up characters and “Ulter Ego’s” if you will im in my comfort zone. But naked? hummm not somthing im over comfiterble if im honest with you. So this was hard, and to be fair im not really naked because to me naked means tottally bare and that would also mean no make up! Make up is more part of me then anything else- no one has seen me with out any one for the better part of 7 years. So even in these pictures i may have no clothes on…. but im not naked. Maybe it should be something i should think about doing next week… maybe.
Again in these pictures i photographed one of my best friends Hazel, she features heavily in my work because im just so comfiterble photographing here and i find her interesting to photograph. So again thankyou hazel for this =) i feel like ive done a round trip here. Ive photographed a stranger, myself and a best friend and i when i look through all the photographs i can see a difference in the images and the relationships between me and my subjects are so visible through out the images, gives them more life and meaning.

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