Task 3: Nude and naked

Task 3 for pic bod this week was nude and naked, in this task we have to take on the skills we learnt from the last two tasks and put them into practice. So nude/naked photographs are something i have never done- girls in their underwear when getting changed is one thing but this was deffo new, And i was pretty uncomfiterble about it. I decided i was going to try and over come it by asking a friend of a friend to model for me again, to improve my skills in meeting new people who i wished to photograph and getting over those initial barriers. The process was abit awqward- both my model jess and i where nervous and i could sense her vulnrability and i think it is shown in the images. But i think it adds persoanlity and fragility to the images, which i wouldnt have captured if i had knowen my subject better.


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