So last week in our digital media lesson we learnt about mash ups, I.e facebook and a gallery app coming together going through your facebook and basically creating a “Museum of you”. Facebook basically goes through all your information and images and puts it all together to create a virtual walk through of a museum of your life. Another one is a police and google maps, you basically type in your post code in the search bar and google maps find it and show me all the different crimes that happened and where in thats post code area. My favourite is the Asssassins creed facebook mash-up, if you follow the story of Assassins creed you no its about a group of assassins in an age old war against an secret orginisation of Templars who seek to take over the world and the assassins fight for freedom, the whole game is bassed on real life events that have taken place often showing famous people from history as charactar’s such as Leonardo Di Vincci, The Medici family, Rodrico Borgia (first pope who bought the title and was never part of the clergy) Saladin.

(this isnt my facebook/assassins creed mash up obviously but you get the drift, every time u click it, it gives you a new legacy),%20London%20N5%201XF,%20UK#crimetypes/2011-11


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