Elinor Carucci talk for #picbod

So for the 4th time ive listened to the Elinor Carucci talk on picbod and i really do love it, i like the simplicity of the way she speaks to me it doesnt sound pretenciouse or over the top unlike alot of other people who seem to just be like a talking dictionary. To me it made her seem abit more real and someone not so out of reach and unidentifiable. I liked the way she speaks about her family and the love she clearly holds for them and they way she speaks about her work with her children in it. I like the way she described her children has her link to america and that it made her feel more part of a community and that it totally changed her ways of working and that she ventured out more and adapted her work around it. To be honest i loved the whole talk calling her mother insperation and that the works of Sally Mann and Nan Goldin, and the way she defended Sally Mann when asked her views on the way she was critisezed from the christian groups that said her pictures of her children where undecent.

Elinor Carucci ‘In Conversation’ for #picbod from CU Photography on Vimeo.


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