Elinor Carucci

Elinor Carucci is a very interesting photographer who looks at the relationships in her life, i.e between her and her mum and dad, boyfriends and friends. Her pictures are incredibly intimate- even to the extent of photographing her relative naked, but isit inapropriate? or isit just showing the bond between her and the important people in her life? i dont know- i cant imagine ever photographing my mother or father naked to be honest but hey maybe thats just me or my generation. Think what you want about the models in the images, the images them selfs are incredibly beautiful and real. And a few of the images have made me re think my Ideas for Picbod completly.

Maybe the body paint is to generic? Coming from an artistic background i think it would be a very good opertunity to get back in with my artist self and a great excuse to pick up my dusty paintbrushes but isit to confined to my comfort zone? Looking through this work by Carucci i leave my self thinking what could i do more? Now im thinking about body manipulation,one of Carucci’s photos is of the mark a zip has left on the skin and i loved it. And now im thinking of maybe doing something similar. Looking at corsets and thing that restrain the body and morph the body into different shapes. Like a bra strap or hairband marks on your wrists.


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