Baby Oil and Ice.

So i decided to look through a few books as a bit of reading and insperation and came across the book ‘Baby Oil and Ice’ edited by Lara Cliffton, photography by Sara Ainsile and Julie Cook. The book is about the strippers in the east end of London. When you first look in the book your hit straight in the face with nudity and eroctisim, already throwen into the world of a stripper with the colours and the styles of the photographs leaving nothing to be desired, there is no sense of glamitising this life it shows it for what it is. Wether its in a grand saloon or a dark and dingy pub its all the same, the same technique is used through out the images. The colours are dark and gritty with alot of orange and brown colours running through out. The images them selfs are blury and in soft focus, giving a sense of movement in the images making them more fluid, i also think that they add mystery to the images and gives the woman that kind of untouchable effect. The images taken in the dressing rooms are my favourite because i think it portrays the make shift family unit created between the girls, i think its a really nice touch adds a kindness and supportive feel the book. Another thing is that though out the book there seems to be copies of memoirs of the ladies who worked in these places- but they all seem to be fond memouries of the times there. I really do like this book and it was incredibly interesting.


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