Nan Goldin

So in todays lecture we where looking through some artists books and we looked at one my Nan Goldin, a famous photographer who looks at sexuality in the 80’s- 90’s and the whole party scene of New York at the time. She is particularly famous for her emotional insight she gives in her photographs of her gay friends who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and the process of their illness even their deaths. I know i have mentioned her before as i am a massive fan and i looked at her work when i did the ‘Girls Take No Prisoners’ collection. But i just wanted to re=cap over her work because i do love it.

“Photograph your own tribe, its like those tribes in north Africa that are scared to be photographed because they belive their soul is taken by the camera’s. So photograph your own tribe”- Nan Goldin.
(Tribe meaning your friends and people who are comfiterble with)

“Nan Goldin photographs her ‘tribe’- where as Susan Marzelles joins a tribe”- Jonathan Worth.


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