Animal instincts: Lennette Newell

So along my searches for body paint photography i came across a photographer called Lennette Newell, who in september last year made an exhibition where her models were painted in animal skins and photographed next to the animals. And suprisingly enough they looked pretty good, the images them selfs where really beautiful but the art works done on the models them selfs were amazing on their own. Where the whole animal look is not really something im looking into at the moment i do think it could be interesting but to even pull off something even remotly spectacular like this there would be alot of variables needed to be considered. But we shall see.
The exhibition is called ‘Anti-Human’ and was devised out of Lennette’s childhood desire to become one of the animals her father used to treat as a vet.

I really love this image with the snake i think its really amazing and the pose of the model with snake create flexibility in the image and gives the photo a fluid movement much as the movements of the snake.

With this image i thinks its quiet witty in the sense that the model is almost gone back to her primal insincts and cleaning the leopard with her tounge like animals do. i also love that you can see the whole body in this image and it just shows the extent of the art work done on her.

I love the simplicity of this image with the white backdrop it really enthisiszes the work done on the model and the posing it just really makes everything stand out.
I really do think everyone should check out this exhibiton and here i have posted the link about the exhibition from the DailyMail.


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