Second Life Add+Vann

So this year my add+vann is second life, second life is virtual world where people can create an avatar and make them look however they want and anything is possible. In realworld the size of second life is about this size of Wales- for a virtual world thats massive! To start off with in second life we had to make our avatars and make them look how we wanted by buying clothes for them and different skins and hairs colours and styles and we could basically roam second life meeting other avatars and exploring the different islands and areas in the game. I stumbled across ancient Roman empire where you could join this group and be part in some type of role play games and you got roles to play and basically live how they lived.
But its not all fun and games there we do have a project to do during the add+vann lessons and we have now finally got the brief, in a group we have to create something in world and make a presentation on it. Some people have decided to create nightclubs on exclusive islands, others a clothes shop. Im in a group with fellow photographers from my class Daisy, Helen and Genea, and we have decided to create a photography gallery where we will exhibit our own work. We have called it the Fishbowl Gallery because we thought it would be really cool to have it as a fish tank where avatars could walk up and around the sides to see the work, with a cafe on the top aswell. We started making the Fishbowl last week and did some more research looking at other underwater themed gallery’s in world.


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