Disney Subliminal Messages.

Oh Dear.

There are subliminal messages everywhere, so why isit so bad that Disney have them? well i guess now we have noticed these things and has time has gone on i wouldnt say we have accepted them but there is less outrage about it now. However it was Disney that started it all off and it was through Disney that it was discovered and made public knowlage. I think persoanlly it was the artist just having some fun seeing how long they could get away with it, but some people (like in this next video) have taken it to the extrems and are know blaiming the Free Masons and belive it or not the Illuminati. I dont know much about the Free Masons however, the Illuminati i do know about. The Illuminati where scientists, just scientists who wanted to explain everything with out the reasoning of everything being GOD, they wanted the scientific reason for the existance of the world and man kind. Not to rule the work or brain wash every one- jus to understand the nature of how we came into being, unlike the warped things people are starting to belive these days about them. So when i saw this video it made me chuckle.
see what i mean? warped.


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