My own bit of modeling!

So a few weeks ago i was asked by my friend if he could photograph me for his portfolio to build up his body of work, and i thought it would be a great idea for me to get some experiance at the same time so of course i said yes! and it was a blast- though rather cold. He decided he want to have an outdoors location so we decided on the Technology center just behind the coventry univeristy gym and set up shop there. We decided it would be a great idea to go just before the sun started setting so he could get some great images with the sunset behind me and really give some more body to the images. The idea behind the images was to create a type of narative behind them, where i am a girl who is waiting for a guy to pick me up who never shows, with the sun setting giving a feeling of time passing through out the images. We went to three different locations during the shot each time i helped set up and pack away the eqipment, i also had a play around with the different lights set up just for my own experiance. I had a great time and we did get some really stunning images!!

(day 1)


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