GUESS WHAT GUYS!! im going to Karlstad univeristy! yes thats right its abroad!! As part of our professional practice we get the opertunity to go and study abroad for a term or a year, and a few friends an i have decided to go to lovelly sweden for our 3rd term, Karlstad unisversity is a brilliant uni that ranks 3rd in Europe for photography! With english speaking lectures i would be stupid not to go right? This has also given us the opertunity to make something more out of the experiance, which is we are going to make a documentry- 6 english girls going to sweden
(where lets face it- sweden is totally different to england, much cleaner and nicer) for a whole term and when we are back hopefully get to show off our work in a space in the Herbit Gallery in coventry. We each of us is going to write a diary of the trip and the preperations of going there, we are going to also make a video and photographic diary of the experiance so we can cover three aspects of documentiing the trip. I am very exicted about this trip its a chance of a life time.


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