Jenna Marbles

So i was surfing through her channel again because i actually love this girl i think shes brilliant and i came across this- what a happy accident. I think she makes a valid point and i do think it has something to do with the whole post feminism thing and empowerment to woman.

I like the points that she brings up about how woman today look for guys to buy them everything and look after them- pretty just depend on them yet still want equality between men and woman, to get all the rights of a man and all that buisness but want them to be chivalrous. Seems abit lopsided i think, but then again i dont like having everything bought for me i like the idea of buying something with money i have worked for and buying things for others aswell, maybe thats just a select few of us that likes this. Feminism has a long way to go now i think.

For anyone who wants to follow her videos or watch her channel her website is


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