Branding the Post-Feminist Self: Girls’ Video Production and YouTube by Sarah Banet-Weiser

So this term we got a reading list.. yeeeeey, where we have to read a piece of text thats about 1 million pages long- ok its more like 28 but still, and from this every week make a presentation about it. This is the first one, and i’m basically all about woman on youtube/internet and how they empower woman. In this text Miss Banet- Weiser talks for ages about post feminism and empowerment to woman. Now i’m not really one for the feminism talk, i mean yes i’m very thankful for everything but i guess it’s never been something i think about so i thought it would be interesting to look around and see if i could find woman again on youtube who take this feminism idea and in their own way make fun of it even if they don’t intend to. Just because i thought it would be something different. I remember a few months ago my boyfriend and i where looking through youtube at funny videos and i found this one woman called Jenna Marbles and i loved her she’s so funny and has great view on everything, her video’s are mostly directed at woman and young girls and its just her in front of a camera talking about as she puts it her “majestic daily life”. My particular favourite is one where she instructs girls on how to become an optical illusion its called ‘How To Make Men Think You Good Looking’ even if your ugly- love it. Not because im one for fakery or shallow about looks but just because when girls go out on dates most of us try to look naturally pretty or hard to get type thing, in this video she goes on about how you should just make your self look like a whore because hes not really paying attention to you. This also extends on to another video of her’s called ‘How To Get Ready For A Date’


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