So i decided i wanted to see what theis set of photographs would look like in black and white. I dont really ever work in black and white so i just thought it would be something new to try and something different on my blog. Its actually made me want to look more into film photography because it has been something i try and avoid if i can, which is silly. So maybe this is the start of something new….well it is second year.

I really like how in a few of these photographs HAZEL STEEL looks abit grubby- sorry girl. I dunno why i think it makes the pictures more real, i’m not a total fan of the hole perfect looking girl and i just think it adds abit of something to the pictures. But hey, thats just me i know thats not everyones taste- so at least there are the other edited photos. I still like these.


One thought on “HAZELSAILOR

  1. I think b&w always adds something to a photo. A sinister shade, a rougher look, a more direct impact, a harder image… great work Al. Great work.

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