Yeh that Eleanor Hardwick girl…..

HOW ISIT ALRIGHT that this incredibly talented young Photographer Miss Eleanor Hardwick is younger then me and has done more with her life then me when it comes to work? HOW? who knows. One thing i do no is that she really does have a telent and id high 5 her for it. Oh and look at her work for my research. Its incredible, there should be more information on her work because to be fair i found a fair bit on her but everyone loves to go on about her age- i mean she did most of these between the ages of 15-18. But apart from that i didnt find much.

What i really love about these photographs is they dont look like evvvery other photograph you find out there on woman.. they are beautiful in their own way and are not revealing their life to the world. i like it. The images are really eye catching and draw you in and i like that they are so simple but really effective. If this is what she is coming out with at such a young age can you imagine what else she’ll create in her long years? thinking about it is making me feel old. not fair. But come on with talent like this i’d be suprised if we didnt see more of her.


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