Jessie’s Girls…. Another look.

Oh how i loved doing this series, it reminded me of my art work when i did my changes project photographing my self, i loved that i got to play dress up and pretend to be other people for a few hours and created worlds in my head where i wasnt Alexi Shaqui.. like an ulter ego. This whole thing was because of a project in which we had to make CD covers or Book covers. And out of the three this was my favourite, it came about by me putting on my make-up in the morning listening to a song my mum loved to play when i was little. Some songs jus really hit my creative side and really thats how i do alot of my work by being inspiered by music and the artists, not that im a musical person to be fair… but hey some things jus hit a nerve. So i spent my day lookin at different photographers and artist and in my mind coming up with ideas for the covers. I got so carried away i decided that i would deffo want to expand this and not jus have it as a minni assignment and the minute i got the chance id pick it up again. well here is that chance. I think however with it jus being a portrait of me, id like to get more people invalved and create some really beautiful photographs. Just gotta chose the right people.
Because the requierments for this new summer task is 5-10 images on each aspect of the work im looking at again, i was going to make like the booklet thing you find inside CD’s with my images and put it inside the origional CD cover i made, but im also thinking of having them like posters to go with the CD. And the images would be of Jessie’s Girls.


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