So this for me has been my favourite modual, i liked most of it and had a great time doing the final project, not only because i got to do it on my nights out but just because i got to let lose and get all these photographs of my friends that wouldnt otherwise let me broadcast these photographs of them looking so bad ha! facebook was a big no no expecially because most of us have out families on there and dont really want them seeing us fine upstanding young woman in such states.. little do they know!
When we first got the assignment i was excited but i didnt know how it would pan out and how my idea would be percived, would people just think it was a joke and im doing it because its kinda easy or whatever ( LET ME TELL YOU IT WASNT) but i am happy i did it, it was different from what other people were doing and i love to photograph people. Im lucky that i hang out with people who are so fun and understand the documential value of my work and allowed me to do this with them becuase in a way it is a little bit of an intrusion, expecially getting pictures of them throwing up all over the shop. The hole 6 weeks element to this module was bit hard, trying to orginise nights that we had enough funding to get adiquitly wasted enough so i wouldnt have to stage any of the photographs but still be able to live! And i wanted to spend some time properly thinking through my idea and how it would work ect looking at different photographers and seeing which rout i wanted to take, wether i wanted a more clubbing scene with all the strobe lights or have it more grainy and snap shot looking and concentrating more on the ritual of the night. Once i decided on that and started to make my images i came across a few people who either thought i worked in the club and gettin angry when i was abit hestent to take their photographs and couldnt understand why i said i didnt work there yet had a camera on me. Others dived into my pictures and after a while it got annoying because i was trying to focus on my friends and follow them through the night so alot of nice images were reuined abit, also i got alot of angry girls having a go demanding to see photographs id taken solidly beliving they were in them and it was a bad photograph of them! So i had these things to over come… it was mostly by showing them the images and convincing them they were not in the pictures. I found that on the nights i took my camera i felt i couldnt relax as much because i was always looking for the perfect image and always watching the group seeing what they were doing but at the same time trying to have a good time and capture the antics i got up to aswell.
Printing these images caused some problems because everywere i went to print these pictures at A3 size wouldnt have the images ready untill TUESDAY! So i had to make snap decisions and quickly plan out a new way to present these images but in a way i think they look better this way that what i had origionaly intended so i cant be to put off. I like what i have done with the images now and love that they look like snapshots of the nights out and maybe look more like a story of the past few weeks. I did want to have some more pictures of me in there abit like NAN GOLDIN how she has pictures of her in her work but i found becuase i wasnt as relaxed and drunk as my friends i wasnt as entertaining or as interesting as what my friends where up to and i ended up documenting there more though the ones of me being sick is enough i think to show i had a good night! I really enjoyed doing this project and i think it goes well with the hole criteria of the assingment so im happy and i cant complain in hine sight there is probaby nothing i would change and i liked how the subject matter evolved around me and molded it self andi think it gives my work some carisma and identity.



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