Last minute changes…

So when i went to go and print off my images i had initaly wanted the 4 images to be large print.. meaning about A3 size with the collages being about A4 size, however when it came to printing everywere i went couldnt do a print any bigger then 10×8 before TUESDAY and if i could get it, it would cost me an arm and leg to get it on the day which is depressing! So i made do with 10×8 images, this has changed my ideas on the presentation of the images. Im now looking to go for a more scrap book look, i printed of some 8×4 images that were for the collages and now im going to make them into a scrap book with the big images around them. I also decided that the colours should be slightly more saturated and graniy looking to go with the hole going out theme and because its a scrap book i thought it would make it look more like snap shots of the night. I guess this hasnt worked out so bad having this last minute change so im not to disopointed with it… i think it has actually maybe given it more character.


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