So because the criteria for this project is 5-10 images i’ve decided that i want to present my images as collages.. this is because there are soo many pictures that i really like and just haveing 5-10 of them would be a shame, also i dont think it would have the same effect as having many of them- it looks more like a story of a night if there are more. So what im going to do is print 3 Big images and then have 3-4 A4 sized collages around them, by doing this the 3big prints represent 3 different stages of the night i.e the pre drinking, the drunk and then the reprecusions of the night. So now to think of sequences… Hmmmm?

3: So im starting to think maybe i should have 4 big prints and 3 collages? Hmmmmmm

4: yeh i think 4 works….. =)


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