Development of the Idea.

So after todays feedback sesh with Jonathan Worth, it has become clear that i need to dig deeper with my photos, they are to clean cut and glossy right now. By this i mean im only showing the fun side of drinking, the parties the fun the dancing….. so to balance it out i need more photos of the hysterics and drama of a night out… like being sick in the toilets, crying, falling over hurting your self that sort of stuff. Im excited to do explore more into this but i got some resurvs, i no for a fact drunk girls arnt always the best to photograph becuase they get all bitchy and tempremental.. great. I no my friends would be fine with it and embrase it HA even play up to it like a drama class, but others probably wouldnt be so game. Also Ive decided that i want to be part of these photo’s get invavlved and what not.. more fun and makes it more personal, so its not like im following strangers. So with this idea in mind i had a look through all my pictures that i have on my laptop and on facebook and other social networking sites.. to re live those nights and see if i can remember the feelings felt at the time those images were made.
Im not going to hold back i find any truly embarasing photographs because its all part of the experiance and the fun!

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