Developments of my idea.

So from looking at were my research is going i think its kind of obviouse for me to start looking more at the night life scene of my life her at uni and what me and my friends encounter through out the night and the serimonial proses of pre drinks before we go out rather then an all day thing. I thinking this because i am more interested in the night life and how we behave, also because it goes more with the statement i thought of about us brits being the worst binge drinkers. So i decided to do a test run to see how the images would fair out and what i should be looking for in the clubs, what with all the strobe lights and stuff.. and i do think they turned out really well.. so to start off with ill show the pics i did on film camera, these are of the pre drinks at mine and some are from in the club BLOK and the people we met along the way…..


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