Gemma Booth

So i decided that i should speed up my project and start looking at photographers who look at teenages,youth,going out you no typical teenage stuff ( its funny i say teenage…. im out of my teens now granted only by one year but still… hey your as young as you feel right!) and i came across GEMMA BOOTH she doesnt exactly look at what im looking at but i love her style is very fashion based and i love it.

These are two of my favourite pics by here, because they are rather relatble, everyone see’s the girls in the clubs really done up snapping away on their camera’s and deliting the ones were they look abit to drunk and pulling weird faces and they keep on untill they get the perfect picture… and by the time they do MOMENT GONE! In a way it becomes staged its self and not an impulisive moment. Unfortunatly every girl has done this. The other one i love because i love gigs and fests.. and i love growd surfing and i thought this photo just got the moment between people and the excitment that goes on and the atmosphere!

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