Mike Valente Visitors Talk

When i came to this talk im not going to lie i wasnt that excited….i thought sports hummm not that exciting and not exactly were i want to be in the future as far as my carrer was concerened. And now i think i was a tad wrong.. noo im not saying i now want to be a sports photographer.. god no. But it was interesting to see how he got to where he is now, coming from a student to a CARPET PHOTOGRAPHER to were he is today.

So there is apparetntly more to sports photography then meets the eye! a lot more things to consider that i thought there was, things like panning, action, beauty ect. All these things he has to think about before the shoot depending on the brief given to him and what the magazine or company want from him.. But the thing that really shocked me was the fact that he uses a 35mm Canon 5D… i thought he would be on some massive fancy overly expensive camera that costs more than my house… so that was abit of a shock. But he said and i quote “lenses are the best thing you can spend money on”. Another thing he taught me that I didnt know was that jpgs lose quality over time and it is always better to shoot in RAW mode, takes up alot of space on the camera but its worth it when it comes to editing.. now that i did not know. So when it comes to the editing of the photos he doesnt like to do much to them, he likes to let the camera do the work and he only uses photoshop unless he absolutly has to and only in small amounts.

Though i never really learnt much about photographing cars i did learn some usfull tips and info about being a comission photographer and maybe that helped sway me more to the path but i did find the talk interesting and thankful that i went in the end. If your interested as well then ive attatched the think to his audio talk at my university.


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