The Crow: City Of Angels Film Review

The Crow:City Of Angels staring Vincent Perez and Iggy Pop, is the sequil to The Crow. The plot of the film is that a man and his son are bother murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and whitnessing a murder. The group of people that murder them are the cornies or the drug lord Juda who runs the city of angels. A few days later a crow visits a girl called Sarah who in the first film uncountered The Crow Eric a musician brought back from the dead to claim revenge on those who killed him and his wife to be. This time the crow takes Sarah to Ash the new Crow Man who explodes out of his watery grave confused and tormented. Sarah takes Ash back to her house and explains that he was brought back for a reason and that was to seek revenge on the gang who killed him and his son. He then puts on the iconic Crow makeup and heads out to get his revenge and take down this group who bring missery and pain to the community and Its set around the time of the mexican festival of the dead. Once he takes down all the underdogs of the gang and takes his revenge on those who killed him he sets his eye on Juda who learns about the Crow through his phsycic Sible, who tells him the only way to defet Ash is by killin the bird. Juda manages to kill the bird and Ash he fight till the death were in the end there are no victors and they both die.
I love this film always have sense i was a child i love the magic behind the story alothough its very grim and sad i like the idea of this force bringing people back to clear up thier unfinished buisness and i like how its all about love and how it concuers the evil in the storys. The idea of this Crow bringing people back to avenge thier loved ones before going on to a better place i think is really powerful, usually its the people come back as ghosts or God sends them back, but i like that in this case Ash when he comes back his still a man in so many senses, he hasnt got an special powers really he just cant die unless the Crow is killed. I also love that they brough back Sarah from the first film, it really ties both films together becuase shes remembering eric and what happened with him and i think its adding emotion to the films.
I think the Crow films are timeless classics much like the Crow comic novels they wont be forgotten and are real cult films and thats why i love watching them, films like this arnt made any more, everything is to clean and polished and this is rustic and i think adds to the hole effect of the scummy city or angels with drug addicts and abuse every were. I think its a beautiful insight into gothic culture and will remian that way as a bench mark for future film makers who want to capture the same magic and intensity of the Crow.


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