Sucker Punch Film Review PPD

The film Sucker Punch is about a young girl named BabyDoll who is put into a mental asylum after her mother dies and her step father tries to get rid of her and her sister so he can claim the inheritance left to the young girls. When BabyDoll tries to saver her and her sisters life she accidently kills her sister. When she is put into the asylum she is put down for a lobotomy which will take part in five days. It is in this time she meets 4 other girls in the asylum Rocket, Sweet Pea, Amber and Blondie. To deal with the reality of living in the asylum and getting a lobotomy she creates an ulternat reality where the asylum is actually a brothel like strip club and she is being prepaired to meet the High Roller( which in the real world is the lobotomy) by the Madam and Blue the owner of the club/asylum and the girls pimp. When she dances she creates another relaity to deal with the brothel world, and in this world her and her friends are searching for five things that will help them escape,
1: A map
2: Fire
4: Key
5: is a mistery.
This new world she has created is a world of fantasy, monsters, danger and power, and she is in control of what happens. Along the way the encounter difficulties that effects them in all the realities BabyDoll has made up, and in the end it is only BabyDoll and Sweet Pea left. When they have all the need the two girls escape but when they get to the main gates BabyDoll discovers that they wont be able to leave safely together because as long as BabyDoll is there her friend wont be safe, so in order for Sweet Pea to break free BabyDoll gives her self and goes to the High Roller.
I thought this film was amazing! the graphics involved were spectacular and the story line was interesting and kept you thinking and one your toes. The overlapping realities made it a bit confusing but kept it entertaining. I loved the characters and how in each reality you could see different aspects to their personalitys, especially when they were in the fantasy world how strong and powerful they were, though essentualy they were at the bottem of the food chain in the brothel and mental instatute in this world they controlled everything they were empowering and beautiful to watch and in a strange way inspiering to other woman who maybe felt weak. The soundtrack was amazing as well it went so well with the feel of the film and i liked how they were origional songs that had been taken and coverd by other artists and re created to make new versions of the song, The ‘I Want It All/We Will Rock You ‘ by Queen feat Armageddon aka Geddy cover was amazing it really got the viewer pumped up and almost ready for this fight that was going on, made you feel involved. The same with the ‘Army of me’ by Bjork made me feel a connection with BabyDoll expecially with her inner conflicts and the words she creates around her to make her feel better and help her cope but to me are just as bad as the first. Were they meet constant physical abuse in the brothel by Blue and other workers there and then in the fantasy world were they have to fight dragons and monsters. However though BabyDoll was the main character and the “leader” of the girls when in battle i liked how the Character Sweat Pea seemed to be the tuffest girl there, maybe becuase she was slightly older or what but i loved how she kept the girls together and grounded and constently put her self in jepordy to save the others and i liked that in the end she got her life back.
I really did love this film i thought it was fresh and thrilling to watch really got my blood going and actually made me want to be them for a brief second, i liked how i could connect with these woman and how involved i felt in the film.


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