Final letter To Self.

Hello me, its me again!
Well its nearly the end of my first year at uni and i have to say its been a treat, bit of a rolercoster and just seems to have sped my me so fast i dont no which way is up, but i no ive had a great time. Met some great people met some people im happy to forget over the summer, done some wild things and regreted them the next day. The course is still as fun as it was in the begining and now im moving more into working in the studio which is what i wanted and im getting the hang of it. I made a pin hole camera a while ago and i can safely say i am never doing that again i dont like them…… i do think i am imporoving in my skills as a photographer and im more confident in my work and my self, thought it is still a massive change from Mr Shenans lessons.. still miss those days? yeh so do i dont worrie.
I dont really have to much to say really, its becuase my views havnt really changed from the 1st letter and i still feel the same, maybe more growen up and stuff but nothing to dramatic. Im not looking forward to 2nd year of uni because that means im gettin old! =( not fun times.
Shaqui, i hope when you read this you will remember me(us) sitting here thinking of what to say to each other and wondering if ive changed much. guess ill find out soon enough… anyways i hope your still enjoying cov as much as i am now.
love shaqui xx
p.s here are some pictures to remind you of this nutty year so far =p

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