Artefact: The Crow Comic Novels

As part of our PPD we had to create an artefact on something we like to do in our spair time like hobbie, I love to draw and paint so i decided to do something around that. I remember when i was ill and in hospital i kept having dreams of the Crow films and the Crow comic novels and so i decided to draw them when i could and in the end i ended up with some really nice pices.
Here are some images from the book….

What i really love about these books is the fact that the writter incorperets peoms and illistration together, the Crow Himself speaks in riddles and poems and the thugs have no idea whats going on, its like a beautiful mind game. So for this part of my PPD i want to draw one of these pages and add a poem into it to make it more authentic, i might take a poem from the book or maybe ill put in the JABBERWOCKY poem because its my favourit one. Hmmmm??


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