Little Shop Of Horrors.

AND IT REALLY WAS! This is maybe one of the weirdest exibitions i have EVER seen… second only to the Hunterian Museum that i visited during my A levels. This place had everything ranging from real fur coats to shrunken heads and cats with wings! Although it was a very strange place to find your self, it was very interesting and i really enjoyed visiting the place though im not to sure i want to go back any time soon.. But there is a line when it comes to what is art and i’d have to say some of the stuff im not to sure i would count as art but more educational or ment just for entertainment.  The Photography section i found didnt really fit in with the theme of the shop or exibition, were the Photographs them selfs were really  nice (although there was a bit to many naked people for that wall space) i dont think they really added to the exabition. However they were the most arty pieces there.

The Little Shop of Horrors can be found in London Bethnal Green.


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