Infrared Photography

In Infrared photography is truley stunning! almost like HDR images the infrared images are almost out of this world, like some ulternat reality of something you’d see in Avatar with some really beautiful colours and textures, these images are both eye catching and intense but not to over powering. When doing Infrared photography the film or image sensor used is sensitive to infra red light. The human eye is only sensitive to a small part of the spectrum of wavelengths, the human eye can only see visible colors starting from blu one end going all the way to red thr other end. Wave lengths shorter than the visible wavelengths are called ultra violet and wavelengths longer are infra red radiation. An ifra red photograph captures infra red light reflected from a light source. The effects of infra red are most apparent in objects such as leaves, grass and foliage which contain a lot of infra red. Most of these effects you can even create now on photoshop to make the photographs even more dramatic!

When doing infrared it is important to use a infra red filter. The purpose is to let some wavelengths pass and others not. There are many filters out there to use which produce different levels of infra red however a lot of them are very expensive. When processing infra red film it has to be done in complete darkness otherwise the film will be ruined.


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