For my 151mc assesment 2 final piece i decided to look at Renaissance Art and how people today, I want to merge the two worlds together and place an everyday person into an old fashioned looking painting using photography and photoshop. I started by looking at old Renaissance paintings and the old masters of the time like Di Vinci and Michael Angelo, and even sculturs like Raffaelo and Bernini. Just to get a feel of how they worked and the main type of themes in the art work. Through out the art work there are alot of representations of God and Jesus,sculpures to do with , love and masculinaty and femaninity. After that i decided to look at more recent enterprtations of Renaissance art and discoverd a website called http://www.worth1000.com which was a site dedicated to putting celebraties into old fashioned paintings, they looked amazing and that was my first step in my direction. I wanted to try and recreate these but using everyday people, real people. So i decided to look and see how i could mesh the two worlds together, looking at different types of paint samples and techniques as to how i could do it. The more and more i looked into it the more i started to think that maybe insted of just photoshoping my friends face onto an old painting and making it look good i thought that maybe i should put the photograph i had taken, edit it and then place that on to an old fashioned back drop. I then started to look at how you would edit these images and make them look like paintings. I have previous experiance with photoshop but i had never made a photograph look like a painting. I looked through some tutorials on youtube and then decided to try some practise runs. I practised on a few of my own photographs and tried different styles. Once i was confident in y technique, i started my photo shoot. First i looked at people in my circle of friends and i decided i wanted a different veriaty of people, I chose Ashley Warner photograph 1, Louis Brown Ben Jackson Danny Lawson Ronnie Dane Photograph 2, and Alex Augo photograph 3. The First would be simple i wanted him to be standing tall and smart, with a background of a city or people behind him. The group Photograph i decided i wanted to look wild and fun as a type of change to the old Renaissance paintings so i decided to make them look like a Glam Rock band. The 3rd was inspierd by a photograph i had taken on holiday of the same person so i decided to try and re create it. Once i had taken the photograph i treated each one the same by brightening the colours of the photograph, then used two different types of blurr- smart blurr and surface blurr. Once that was done i used artistic strokes and brush strokes to give the painted look. I then looked for backgrounds that would match the images and put them all together and added the old ornaite frames. Im proud of my images i think they look really beautiful and really bring the two styles together. I didnt want to go for the typical Renaissance paintings like the mona lisa or venus because i didnt want the images to be re inventions of iconic images, i wanted them to have thier own life and be their own without being compaired. All in all i think these images work as both paintings and photographs and i am proud of them.


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