Is This What We Want?

Ive looked at photographers who deal with the nature photography and weather or not we as the viewers are interested in seeing the colours in the sunsets and sun rises, or the natural beauty of the world. So now im looking at some other photographers who deal more with the disturbing and less innocent photography. Artists like Alison Brady, who foucuses alot around murder and in effect creates some truly distrubing images.

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Then you have photographers like Nan Goldin who look alot more closely at people, nudeity, drug abuse ect.
For the all these types of photographers try to target your emotions, to make the viewer respond to the images in their own ways. Creating photos that can make you laugh, cry, hate, wonder, feel happy or sad. I think this is what makes images beautiful, wether or not they strike the viewers emotions. Maybe looking more into the photographs of nature yes it makes me feel calm and trancuil but these images give something people can maybe relate to. This is what makes a beautiful photograph to me, how that image makes you feel at the exact time you look at it and the impression it leaves on you after, like a mark. It allows us as photographers to be creative, exciting and explore a world that only we can imagin and bring to life, our fantasies and fears all in one set on images that could mean something different to someone else. Im not saying that Nature photography is cheesy or dated all im saying is, is that it is constant changing ever so slightly with time, we as people our ideas change our belifes and technology allows us to create more weird and wonderful things.


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