Is it Cheesy??

Only up untill few years ago photographers loved photographing nature and things like sunsets, the oceans, ice burgs ect. But now’er days it seems that those types of photographs are considered cheesy, why? Isit because today we as the viewers dont want to see that and now we are just not interested? And what does this say about this genaration of photographers? are we now suposed to be on the hunt for the the weird and the disturbing just to satisfy the viewers appitite for all those things.. to satisfy our boredem? Or are photographers them selfs bored with the troditional beauty a sunset has to offer? It seems alot of photographers these days are so much more interested in capturing nude people, people suffering, death, even saringes sticking out of peoples arm seems to be something many have captured. Is this now what we call a beautiful photograph? Or isit more about educating people in what goes on around the world and less about capturing something that is nice a pretty to look at, maybe there by taking away the viewers innocence? Anyone can see a photograph we have accses to them every day from the minuet we open our eyes to the minuet we close them. And what will happen to the photographers that havnt really moved with the times? the ones who still photograph nature, what happens to them? is there a market for them anymore? Photographers like JOHN SHAW and JOSEF HOFLEHNER? This is a short film about John Shaw’s photography and why he does it.


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