Summer Project

these are some of the photographs from the summer project, i must admit i wasnt much of a fan of the project at the beginning and wasnt feeling to inspierd about the task. But when i actually started i found i was thinking more about the things i was going to miss whilst i was away at uni, like the strong smell of coffee in the morning because of my mum and the fact only one set of keys would be on the hook when i was gone.This made me think of the impact a person has on a specific area or object. So i started to look at things different like how different things effect me and how all the small things that maybe i wouldnt appreciate everyday are maybe the most important things.

When i was reading the chapter i didnt really understand what on earth the woman was on about, but after reading it a few times i begun to feel inspierd by how out of the box these photographers were thinking and that encouraged me to do the same and not just think about the obviouse and everyday things.  And thinking like this i guess will help me progress as a photographer through university and later in my carer. When it came to making the Visual Diary i tried to think of it more as a Scrap Book like what we had to make in Art And Design, were it worked more as an idea’s book. I decided to do it like this because i thought it would make it feel more personal to me and so i could relate to it more.

All together i think this project was ok but i didnt really feel pushed, i think i would have maybe liked the task to be more creative and maybe inspier me more, but for a first task with the uni i think it was a great way to get us in the swing of things.


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