Letter To Self

Dear Shaqui (you better still go by this name in a years time or your past self wont be happy!)

So seconde year at uni, hope its going well and your still enjoying it as much as i am now. I bet you forgot all about this letter so ill remind you that  i am your 19 year old self! HI!!!!! Just waned to make sure you were ok and keeping on track, try not to get to sidetracked n lose your footing on this uni course. seems like if you lose your baring here it will take you a while to find ur self again. And remember to work hard or you’ll get no were!

Anyways enough ranting lets jog your memory about what you were doing this time last year, well for one you where petrified of turning 20! i guess now your worried about turning 21! even im not excited about that so i can imagen how much your freaking out right now. Right now im a month into my 1st year of uni and starting to feel abit more free with my work though i am missing the routine of college a little bit.  But right now i am trying my best and learning new things in the subject we love so its all good. I hope you’ve still got the drive and passion to succeed as i have now.

Right now i dont no what i want, in the sense that i dont really have a style when it comes to my photography, i know that i want it to be rather art based though… does this still apply to you? or have you moved away from that? To be honest as long as you havnt really moved into the style of Elinor Carruci and start photographing our dad naked im not fussed. At the moment im really interested in the works from Christian Boltansk ,Tony Oursler and even Annie Leibovitz has really cought my attention i think she might influence me a lot in the future because i love her style and what she produced are just amazing and different! I really hope you feel the same at least about here as i do now.  I hope you are having such an amazing time at uni i really do, and living and breathing each moment! You only do uni once in your life so try your best! And i hope you have met some really interesting and amazing people and some really close friends!

I hope this experiance will make you a wiser person and help you find out more about your self. I hope that this course will help develop your photography skill and even you as a person. Remember that the key to succses is to work hard and put your all into it. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you still find university as exciting as i do!

Love Shaqui xxxxx


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