Countess Elizabeth Bathory

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Countess Elizabeth Bathory is known as one of the most evil woman that ever lived, the hungarian countess was born in the late 15th century and died in the late 16oo’s. Born into one of the most wealthy and powerful family in the hole of Hungry, with family members married into the royal families of Italy and Transilvainia. But what makes her one of the most evil woman in history was her love of beauty and her obsession with staying young forever, it is this obsession that caused her  to torture and murder hundreds girls and young woman and then bath in their blood beliving this would keep her young forever. To this day there are only 600 known cases, but there are belived to hundreds more girls. She was only discovered when she murdered a singer form the Holy Roman  Emporer Maximillian’s court. She was never really brought to trial, however she was sentenced to live the rest of her life in one room that was built into her castle, with a tiny hole for food to be passed through and to have confession with her priest. She died 2 years into her sentence, and it is because of the horrific story that she is named Countess Dracular.

These a few photographs I had taken for this project, I decided to look at the works of the photographer Cindy Sherman and artist Elizabeth McGrath. The reason i looked at them was because i liked how although their work is completely different to each other, they can still be used together and compliment each other. I Chose Cindy Sherman because her work is based around film stills and using herself as the model for her work, Her photographs are strong, eye catching and i really liked the way she captured the nature and emotion of the photo but still kept it simple and realistic. Elizabeth McGrath on the other hand i chose because of  how vibrant her work is and how different is it to everyone else, she creates these strange animals and creatures she uses bright colours to show the horrors of everyday life.


One thought on “Countess Elizabeth Bathory

  1. I like your pictures in the bath. It’s really good, I like the make-up, composition. Maybe you could use just little more expressions in your face 🙂

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