Brand New Topographics

Minor White: Let the subject generate it’s own photographs. Become the camera.

Our first project of the year was called ‘Brand New Topographics”, for this we were each given a map of Coventry with 11 locations on it. At each location we had to to make a series of photographs that were relovent to a list of different photographers and  quote’s from each one. This Photograph was taken at the Coventry Transport Museum, when i arrived at the Transport Museum, what caught my eye  was the interesting shapes on the floor that i felt somehow gave a feeling of movement to the floor. I decided to manipulate the colours in the photograph, so i changed the colours to more metallic to make the image more interesting. I think in editing the colours it makes the image seem more interesting and creative but also retains the feeling of movement.


4 thoughts on “Brand New Topographics

  1. I really like the angle of this, also i think that fact that you have converted it to black and white it looks much more effective. Another thing, i like how your eye is like drawn round the picture so there isn’t really a focal point, it makes it a lot more interesting and original. x

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